Nico Vega Lead to Light
Be warned, I am about to do a little self-promoting. My cousin’s band Nico Vega just released their new album, Lead to Light and I’m in love with it. The album has been on repeat for me for the last two days. Below are a handful of my favorite songs (as of right now; it changes by minute). They have a raw, very personal sound which helps you to really feel what the song is suggesting. You can purchase the album (15 tracks) on iTunes for $7.99. I highly recommend it.

1. Fury Oh Fury 

2.Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

3. Simple

4. Good (not on Youtube yet – more reason to purchase it)

5. Lucky One


Arcade Fire announced on their twitter page today they will be performing on The Colbert Report. Performing on the 21st and just over a week before their latest album ‘Reflektor’ is released.

The new album is rumored  to have a somewhat disco influenced sound. It likely could be the influence of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem co-produced this album.

After their last album ‘Suburbs’ won album of the year there has been much anticipation for the groups latest work.


I feel like an oaf for not writing up this interview until now! Work has been busy, yet that is seriously no excuse because this is good stuff and should not have to wait.

On My Honor
About ten days again I had a phone interview with On My Honor’s drummer, Tobias Campbell.  And it was a complete pleasure. Tobias is a genuine, down-to-earth, nice guy – unless he faked it pretty good over the phone, which I highly doubt. When we talked the band was staying the night with a friend in Poughkeepsie, New York while on their way to Canada as part of their tour.

When asked about the start of the band Tobias explained that there were 5 members of the band, all of which were from Knoxville except for him.  Tobias was working in Boise and wanted to get into the music scene.  He saw an ad the band had sent out in search for a drummer. He auditioned and made the cut. It was as simple as some good clean advertising. Does the job.

Here’s how the rest of the interview went:

Q. How does the band come up with it’s music?
A. The music is all collaborative. Drew (lead singer) writes the lyrics. Lucas (lead guitar/back-up) occasionally writes tracks.

Q.Where’s your favorite place to tour? Tell me a little about touring.
A. Personally, I love Philadelphia. We’ve had 3 really good shows now. Far From Proper – played with them in Poughkeepsie, Knoxville, Louisville Kentucky. Thankfully we shower everyday, unlike other bands. We always have people that let us stay at their place. We have a sweet 2007 Ford van and trailer called Mufasa (like in Lion King) that we travel in.

Q. What do you do have fun in the car during tour?
A. Sleeping is really awesome! Another thing we do, we have mad-libs.
Phones. Although, we wont have our phones in Canada. That will be weird. We have 3 different ipods with different bands we have made friends with or listened to growing up.

Q. Who are some of On My Honor’s Idol Bands?
A. New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, MovieLife – Early 2000s – Drive-Thru Records

Q. What are some your personal Idol Bands?
A. Fat, NOFX, Vera, Sweller – a reason why I wanted to start music career.

Q. What kind of genre would On My Honor like to be known as?
A. Imagine if Jimmy Eat World was a Pop Punk band.

Q.What do you hope to have people get from your music?
A. Pop punk. This is why I got into this. I started listening to Blink, New Found Glory,… I listened to these bands and shows because I felt like I fit in. I want people to feel like they fit in if they don’t feel like they fit in everywhere.

Q.What is your favorite song to play live?
A. On the new record: Summer, or Rafters. Nature & Nurture, Under Yellow Lights, and Footholds.

Q. Do you have any stage traditions?
A. I like the watch the bands who play before us. During the band right before we play I start stretching out. I had a buddy who died of Cancer this summer. I wrote his name on my snare and I touch it before the show.

Q. What did Property of Zack mean when they said, in January 2013 “The guys in On My Honor adhere to a strict diet of dedication and labor”?
A. When home we practice 2-3 days a week, 2-5 hours a day. We tour a lot and very very heavily.

Q. What is On My Honor’s next goal?
A. A European headliner. Also working extremely, extremely hard to do Warped Tour next summer.

On My Honor has done a great job at gathering a following. They currently have over 18,000 followers on Facebook. Tobias explained that East coast tours were much easier than West coast as the cities are closer together and thus a cheaper tour. I’m hoping we can change that so the band can come play out here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They have 4 albums/EPs that I know of. The latest is I Never Deserve the Things I Need, which came out in June this year. Check out an acoustic version of their new song, Rafters. It just came out this week.

If you like the honest Boyscout band, “On My Honor,” like them on Facebook, help them be a part of Warped Tour and bring them to the west coast.

Thanks for the interview Tobias. Best of wishes.